A Mommy and Me Massage

Here’s one I wanted to write about. Last Mother’s Day, my daughter and I had a Mommy and Me Spa Day at home. We found a massage therapy company with certified pediatric massage therapists. The LMTs travel to the clients’ homes. So, we didn’t have to leave extra early.

The therapists arrived fifteen minutes early. My daughter was excited. She’s 11 and this would be her second massage, the first being on vacation in Bermuda when she was only 9. Of course, my husband and I massage her every night before bed, so she’s very familiar with how much a good massage can help. My husband’s massages are just MEH but I am actually really good. My grandmother was a bone-setter and I worked as a helper to her when I was very young.

My daughter was very interested in having her back massaged. She does dance, just like her Mom, and she’s actually accrued a bunch of injuries in her short life. She even knows human anatomy pretty well, and informed the massage therapist where to focus. The therapist was taken aback at her knowledge of the muscle names! My daughter is funny, she doesn’t really seem like a scholar-type. But she gets straight A grades. School is just easy for her.

She also has a leg injury, suffered from episodes of sciatica, hurt her ankle, and has a stiff neck. I figure, by the time she graduates college, she’ll need a retirement home. She is very hard on her body and demanding. She doesn’t do competitive dance, but she has to get the steps right, all the same. She rarely smiles, and has a really expressionless face. She has grey eyes, and sometimes she reminds me of a ghost.

But after her massage, she was beaming. I swear I’ve never seen that kid smile so much. I even wondered if she still had teeth. (She does.) The massage was scheduled for sixty minutes, but at fifty, she asked me if we could do two hours instead. The therapists said they were free, and so I said why not. She was like, “I am just starting to relax!” After an hour, she looked much more like the kid she used to be. After a shower and a quick snack, she was in bed and asleep by 7 PM. She didn’t even eat dinner.

What should a proper massage for kids entail? These therapists were great. My massage was top notch, and my daughter couldn’t stop raving, even weeks later, about how all her pain was gone. She had been joking that she was 11 going on 111. Now, she said, she felt her age.

Do I push her too hard to be a perfectionist? I don’t think so, but maybe she picks it up from me by a process a lot like osmosis? I am that way, 100%.

But she didn’t stop there. She made me make her a Google mail account and she even left a review. She sometimes seems so mature for her age. Five minutes later, she was playing with her Barbie dolls. Girls will be girls.

This year she’s doing girl scouts and also dance. Hip-hop, lyrical, ballet, and jazz. So of course, I’m always happy when she miraculously brings home a perfect report card. But I’m a little wary. She has the same weird eyes her grandfather (Dad’s Dad) has. She looks like she could snap the neck of a rabbit and not blink. I hope she channels that energy for the positive and joins the military, or something, when the time comes. Her Grandfather is retired Navy, and I think that personality type they share is good for that sort of occupation.

Image from Steve Buissinne

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